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Our History

Aroma Cavas Apartments are located at the central hill of the island, in one of the most traditional villages of Santorini (Thira), at the Kallisti Tower.

The location of the apartments is suitable for the visitor to visit and experience the northern side of the castle and the panoramic view of the Santorini caldera. From the courtyard of the apartments you can enjoy the beautiful view and admire one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, with a glass of our traditional wine, Vinsanto, “made by Xagorari family”. However, the most exciting thing of all, is the fact that the wine is made close to the apartments offering a unique experience to the visitor as he/she can smell the grape must from the barrel in Canava.

For this reason, the apartments were named ‘AROMA CAVAS’, because the name is not just typical, it is an inspiration and an idea, since the placement of the rooms is located next to a traditional Canava. The canava was created many years ago by the family of Nicholas and Artemia Xagorari, whose ancestors’ loved viticulture. Their purpose was to develop their love for wine, while covering their livelihood needs by the financial gains from the sale of wine and grapes.

Nowadays, we’re still trying to keep the traditional values offered by our ancestors and develop them, respecting tradition all along.

Our Location

Santorini belongs to the island chain of Cyclades and has Fira as its capital. Pyrgos Kallistis is the highest village of Thira and is 5 km away from Fira.

Aroma Cavas Apartments are located at the central hill of the island, Pyrgos Kallistis, in one of the most traditional villages of Santorini.

The apartments are located very close to cafes, traditional bakeries, the village square, Super Markets, traditional taverns and the bus stop.

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